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Ways To Dating Help Men Be More Sightly

From what I’ve seen now and again, dating for ladies can be a dismal, miserable attempt. I can perceive how ladies lose all trust in finding a not too bad man nowadays. – A man with behavior, class and a man who knows how to treat a woman.

Look guys, if you’ve had date after date and none of the women seem to want to stick around, maybe it’s not them at all who has the problem! – Maybe it is you! – And If that’s the case, you may want to pay attention to my four tips below to help you become more likeable. One of the tips might help your situation.

Don’t Be Too Loud

Some guys out there are just way too loud. It’s like they just want to talk over everybody and be the standout or center of attention. I’m not sure if it’s an alpha male issue or that guys who do this are trying to compensate for other issues and insecurities. Maybe they are overweight, maybe they feel unattractive compared to all of the other guys in the room. – Maybe they live at home with their mom. At any rate, don’t be the loud guy, the guy that talks over everyone. This is extremely annoying and unattractive. Everyone likes to be heard in the conversation.

Don’t Hit on Another Guy’s Girlfriend or Wife

You would think this tip wouldn’t have to make it to the list, but unfortunately it does. – Because I myself have had problems with guys hitting on my girlfriend and have seen plenty of other guys hitting on people’s girlfriends and wives in front of other people. Sometimes they’ve had too much to drink at a social gathering, and sometimes these guys are just total jerks. So, don’t be a total jerk! I assure you, nobody likes the guy at the party who is hitting on other guys’ wives and girlfriends!

Don’t Make Sexual Jokes

“Wow, that joke was funny. – If we were 15!” Sexual jokes can actually be funny, but there’s a time and place for them. – And on first dates with a woman or at parties with a potential girlfriend is not the place. This is a short and sweet rule. Don’t make sexual jokes with women you are wanting to date. And especially don’t embarrass her in front of her friends by making sexual jokes. Bad move!

Don’t Be Boastful and Arrogant

When it comes to one of my top dating rules for guys, this tip is definitely up there! Don’t brag to impress your date! Be confident, but don’t be boastful and arrogant. People are much more attracted to those people who are down to earth, easy to talk to, kind and also interested in other people.