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The Things Never to be Forgotten Ladies Know

Most ladies still need associations with men and most men still need to find that lady that will impress him. Be that as it may, there’s an issue: a ton of ladies have no clue what men are truly searching for.

From a young age, women have been taught to be upset with the image that looks back at them from the mirror. And so young girls stare at themselves and hate everything they see and believe that this is normal and acceptable behavior. The girls grow up and continue to hate themselves, just that now they get to cover up their imagined flaws with make-up, hair extensions, and cosmetic surgery. And most of the times they invest in these things because they believe that these will help them to get the guy they like to show some interest.

These same women become frustrated when they don’t seem to be able to attract high-value men. What they haven’t realized is that although looking good is extremely important, it’s not the most important thing that worthwhile men are looking for in a girlfriend. When a woman learns to love herself, she immediately becomes more attractive to everybody that comes in contact with her.

What are high value men really looking for?

1. A feminine, self-confident woman. Not a witch with a whip who thinks self-confidence is a synonym of arrogance neither a needy girl who can’t make any decisions on her own. Don’t confuse being sexy with being feminine, either. If your only goal is to be sexy, you will only attract men who want to have sex with you. A feminine woman is always sexy but a sexy woman is not always feminine.

2. A woman who is playful and kind. This is an authentic woman who isn’t afraid of just being herself. We live in a society that is obsessed with uniformity and everybody looking the same. A woman who dares to stand out, and can do it without being disrespectful to others, is attractive.

3. A woman who respects herself and hence, respects him. For men, respect is a huge deal. A woman shows respect for a man when she appreciates and acknowledges what he does for her. Also, when she communicates with him as an adult without eye-rolling, sarcasm, or name-calling.

4. A woman who appreciates him and isn’t afraid of telling him so. Men thrive on admiration. Women need to remember this.

5. A happy woman who already has a life of her own that she enjoys.