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One Easy Secret to Quickly Make Him Want You

Snappy movement: get up for a sec and get to the closest reflect. Investigate it (not terrible, right?). Presently tilt your head up a bit, so you’re kind of looking down your nose at yourself. What sort of vibe would you say you are getting from you? Perhaps a touch of deigning or self-important, similar to you’re choosing whether or not to contract an old secondary school adversary for a vocation? Whatever illustration you’d utilize, it’s likely not extremely welcoming.

Okay, that was interesting. Now shake it out and look at you again. This time start out looking straight on, then slowly lower your chin an inch or two while maintaining eye contact with yourself. What’s the vibe now? Maybe you find that as you look at you like this, a sly smirk involuntarily forms on your face. Maybe instead of the smirk you feel the cute puppy dog eyes coming on, depending on your personality. How do you feel? Would sexy and mysterious be too strong?

Next time you’re talking to a guy you’re interested in (whether it’s your boyfriend of two years or someone you’re just meeting in a coffee shop), try looking at him like this and see how he responds. You’re actually sub communicating quite a lot here. Firstly, he’ll feel like you’re harboring some mysterious thoughts or that you know something he doesn’t, which will intrigue him and make him curious about you. Secondly, looking “up” at him like this is just a little submissive. You’re showing that you’re willing to slip into your feminine with him, which will invite him to channel his masculine in that moment.

So he will suddenly find himself feeling A) absorbed in you and B) strong and self-assured, without really knowing why. He’ll want to learn more about you, and he’ll have the confidence to ask you thoughtful questions. Perhaps the best thing about this is that it’s so subtle and low investment, so you have nothing to lose and only the most studied students of body language will see what you’re doing. No need to look at him like this all the time; think of it as a dash of spice to throw on an already flavorful interaction. Just use it when saying hello or when reacting to something he says.

I didn’t make this up; I first learned about it when a very artful woman used it on me.

It was a winter afternoon and my girlfriend and I were cuddling on the couch. She was reading a book about body language, and I was reading a rather dry research paper (this was when I was a scientist). She nudged me with her elbow and said, “Look at me, I want to try something.” I looked, and there it was. Since then I’ve noticed other women doing this sometimes, to me and to other guys. When a woman “looks up to me,” I get spirals of energy moving up through my chest (that’s what attraction feels like for me; chest spirals), even if I wasn’t thinking of her as a romantic entity a minute ago.

So, if you want to give the guys you talk to even more intense chest spirals than they’re already getting, add this little trick to your repertoire, and use it responsibly.