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Figuring out how to Love One Self

Why is self esteem so critical, and what does it need to do with cherishing others?

Love has an origin. It is a blessing that is given toward the begin of life, developing when sustained, and decreasing when dismissed. Be that as it may, adoring one’s self does not need to diminish in view of somebody’s failure to see or characterize your value. No one but you can do that.

Finding your way, finding your words

If asked about your first relationship how many of you would begin your answer with her name or his name was… when in fact the first relationship we all have is with ourselves. A loving care free innocence, a child plays dress up only to admire his or herself in the mirror where they meet the love of their life, themselves. Displaying emotions, they don’t yet understand nor have the capacity to name. A relationship about the “self” but not selfish, the child expresses loving acts which are absent of the impact of many of the messages that put feelings into words, ergo connecting thoughts and feelings with life experiences.

Understanding what love is and how it evolves

To love is to express your “feelings or interests” whereas a loving act communicates a “genuine empathetic understanding for others”.

Why love has to be experienced in order to be understood is important because love cannot be acquired. Learning to love one’s self begins with shared learning experiences. Although sharing expressions of love is simple within its concept, many types of messages and experiences can be contradictory making the learning process complex in practice. Each experience influencing perceptions and awareness of what love is. Impacting future relationships with ourselves and each other. If you were asked to describe the love you have for yourself what would you say?

Emotional branding

Emotional branding pertains to how we are emotionally influenced by an idea or image. In this case I am referring to self-love.

Have you ever really given any thought to how conditional and unconditional messages influenced how you see and love yourself today?

If you were asked to describe the love you have for yourself what would you say and what if any expectations exist? A good place to start is to determine whether you’re someone who’s always giving to others but who feels unnoticed or unappreciated. If this applies to you, it may be because you have a private agenda that stems from conditional messages. No matter, what you need to realize is that love is based in freedom, not expectation or need. Love has very little to do with expectations at all, expectations are all about receiving and love is more about giving. Love may be the gift to one’s self, but to be loving to one’s self is the expression of its value. In a month that is associated with expressions of love, I wonder, how you show love to yourself.

Tips On Nourishing Your Life with a Loving Heart

Refuse to criticize yourself, and accept yourself as you are.

Make your voice heard and your needs known by honoring what is best for you.