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Accomplishs for Step by step to Attract a Great Woman

Has your dating drought gone longer than the Egyptian starvation of the times of Pharaoh? Have you been lying wakeful around evening time pondering what it is that the various folks have that you don’t? Have you even asked your mates what it is that is making you such an anti-agents? Is it difficult to recall the last time a lady was pulled in to you?

It probably hasn’t been that long, but when you’ve been going through a dry spell, it can certainly feel that way. Fret not, as the answers to get back in the game are about to be revealed. Here are the top five tips on how to attract a great woman. Follow these do’s, and it will not be long before your mates are the ones asking YOU for advice.

The Details:

  • DO be funny. Marilyn Monroe said that if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. Don’t believe her? Try it, and see for yourself. When asked what women are looking for in men in a Cosmopolitan poll, “funny” ranked above every other quality, and by quite the landslide.

Don’t try and be funny; learn how to be naturally funny. Highlight your positive quirks, or make jokes about the less-than-positive quirks. So long as your jokes aren’t fart or bodily function related, she will love that you laugh at yourself.

  • DO make conversation about local or world events. Women love worldly men according to a survey conducted by Forbes magazine. You don’t need to be able to cite the Constitution of 12 different countries; you just need to know basic news and what is happening in the world.

She wants you to be the expert; she wants you to be the one she turns to for answers. Even if she IS smarter than you, she still wants you to be knowledgeable enough about the world to help her understand it.

  • DO be the first to strike up a conversation, but DON’T start with a compliment. Women who hear a compliment first, particularly by a stranger, automatically get their guards up. Just strike up a random conversation with the one you are trying to attract. Keep the compliment on hold until you are about three sentences in; then it is more likely to catch her attention in a positive way because she will think, “Well, my looks weren’t the first thing he noticed.”
  • DO dress to impress. Handle your personal life the same way you handle your professional life. Dress to impress for the job interview, or it isn’t going to happen. For you, that’s the first date or the chemistry-building experience.

Like a job interview, dress according to where you are going, and look sharp, polished and only slightly more dressed than the current crowd. It sounds like a silly thing to you, but it’s something she will be looking for. Some women also judge a man by the quality of his shoes. Has it been a few years? Get a wardrobe update if you need to, if you are looking to be loved.

  • DO something that shows her you made a special effort, just for her. When a man makes a woman feel special or he does something that goes out of the way for her, she is instantly attracted to him, even if she wasn’t before. This is why some women have office affairs when things start to go stale with their husband. They get ignored at home, but someone at the office recognizes her talent, and before she knows it, things have gone out of hand.

If you are just trying to make it in the single life with your crush, do something sweet for her and slowly she will start to see you in a new light. If it’s your neighbor you want to notice you, for example, clean off her car or driveway after the next snowfall.

The Bottom Line:

When it comes to attracting women, the key is to cater to the side of the fairer sex that they use in the world of dating. That’s the emotional side. When you can make a woman feel positive emotions around you, that is going to increase her chances of being attracted to you. Whether that’s by making her laugh, making her feel good or going out of your way to do something nice for her, it’s these little simple things that will slowly start to build the long-lasting chemistry and attraction you are seeking.